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Natural Bed Time Beverages For Weight Loss

Losing weight is the biggest problem now. Many people workout hard but don’t see any results. In this article we have mentioned some weight loss night drink, which you can consume daily before sleep, and see the results in few days only.

  • Coconut Milk – The milk which is enriched with calcium and tryptophan gives  very good sleep. Mothers used to always give milk before sleeping. It gives feelers to the brain and the you get nice sleep of 8 hours. Once you get proper sleep your cravings for eating will decrease automatically.
  • Chamomile Tea – This special tea increases the glycine that calms your nerves and gives good sleep. Chamomile improves the glucose control and helps in reducing weight. You can consume it daily for better results.

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  • Soy Protein Shake – Soy is filled with amino acid tryptophan, which makes you sleep. It reduces the cortisol level, which decreases the belly fat. Soy improves the sleep quality.
  • Dandelion Tea – Dandelion has great medicinal qualities which helps in being fit. You can drink it daily and feel very light. It improves the shape of the body and relaxes it. This is the best weight loss night drink you can consume without doubt.
  • Kefir – It is rich with probiotic milk which improves the gut microbiome and promotes proper digestion. If you consume it you will get proper sleep and it also helps in reducing weight.
  • Grape Juice – Grape juice is a very healthy beverage. It converts the white fat into brown fat, and burns the fat very easily. If you consume it daily, you will find amazing results in your weight. You do not have to consume it in large quantity, you can take one cup of juice daily.


  • Lime and Ginger Drink – It is the most famous drink for weight loss. It will refresh you an put you to sleep very easily at night. If you get disturbed in middle of the night then this drink will let you sleep quickly again. You can consume it daily at night for better results. This drink will never disappoint you.

For losing weight you need to have belief in yourself first, that you can do it. There are many weight loss night drink which you can consume to loose weight easily. We hope this article has helped you to select your drink which will suit you and your needs.